My name is Jacinda, and CultureHunny is my baby. For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent so much of my time reading books, watching movies, and immersing myself in any form of media that gave me knowledge and inspiration- that took me to new worlds and gave me new insights that I could not have gained on my own sometimes. That’s what my website is all about!

I am a huge advocate for learning through any means. Whether that’s through education, media, or experience, learning is ever-lasting and never-ending. It can take you to the edges of the universe. I use my voice, as an Afro-Latina, to gauge my perspective on learning and the outlets I gain this knowledge from- mainly sourcing from our culture. My culture commentary is solely my perspective, but I hope that it can reach out to others, inspire, connect, educate, anger, or whatever! Because it is my voice, and I so love to use it, I created CultureHunny to share with you all and to, hopefully, hear from you as well! Enjoy!

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